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About us

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We, a group of (former) students of special education and Rehabilitation Pedagogy at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, concern ourselves with the topic of Inclusion and have organised this contest. We are supported by Eltern für Integration Berlin (EfI).

In February 2007 a German working translation of the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

was presented.

The central term in this convention is "Social Inclusion". In Article 24, which is about "Education", the term "inclusion" was translated as "Integration". From our perspective this puts the core message of the convention into question, since the terms Inclusion and Integration are not equivalent.

We were uncomfortable with this incorrect translation, and conceived the idea of this contest .


In the following we want to introduce ourselves briefly:

Rebecca Adam

I am Rebecca Adam and a diploma student of Rehabilitation Pedagogy in Berlin. I encountered the subject of Inclusion during my studies not so much in courses but rather in a peer AG and through the student body of the Institute of Rehabilitation Studies. My hopes for this contest are that as many people as possible from many different walks of life might draw attention to this special topic and become involved in it.

Marieke Derichs

I am Marieke. At Humboldt University to Berlin I study special education / special pedagogics and history to be a teacher when I have finished. I joined the project "Definitiv Inklusiv", to express my wish that all pupils can learn together in one school, get to know each other and obtain equal chances for participation in society after school .

Franziska Dörre

I am Franzi. And what else? Studying Special education BA) at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. I intend to become a teacher. For "small" people. Do-gooder (at least a wannabee-do-gooder :-)). Fret about disadvantaging and discriminating people with challenges. That is why I am part of this, because Inclusion is important!

Stefan Goßrau

My studies are defnitely not the reason why I am concerned with Inclusion - how could this be, considering the current BA course in Rehabilitation Sciences? It is probably more my belief in living in peacel with each other. Nevertheless I am going to be a teacher with a special interest for people with original behaviour or learning difficulties. No need to say more than this: there is not one good reason for exclusion .

Farina Grundmann

I am Farina und I am also a student at the Humboldt Universität. I am going to be a teacher and I want all pupils to be taught together and that the differentness of each person is going to be something we can simply accept and take for granted!

Frank J. Müller

After my studies at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Special education) and TU Berlin (vocational education) I did my teacher training (i.a. at Heinrich-Zille-Primary School). Currently I am working, supported by the Heidehof-Foundation on my doctoral thesis at theUniversität Potsdam about the topic"Attitudes of parents towards ways of dealing with diversity in primary schools in Berlin". Furthermore I am interested in the international approaches for dealing with diversity and I hope that the contest contributes to linking them.

Franziska Quednau

I study Rehabilitation Pedagogy at the HU in Berlin and I am especially engaged in vocational rehabilitation. Not only in school, people are excluded and sorted into special educational and school forms. For many people with disabilities the normal employment market is not available, because it is assumed their skills do not match the requirements of this market - even though variety is one fundamental pre-condition for the division of labour in our society. I wish that when I tell people about my studies, I do not have to listen anymore to statements like: "If even people without disabilities have no job, how can people with disabilities get one?" .

Korinna Schultz

I am enrolled for theBA course in Rehabilitation Pedagogy with the aim of being teacher and the hope of contributing to make an inclusive school be a reality one day, even if this is only a little step towards an inclusive society A little, but maybe the most important step - when children do not have to learn at school which children are equal and which are not, but learn how to accept inequality. This contest should, in my opinion, make as many people as possible ponder more about the beauty in variety and show a way to bring people together who want to go beyond the accepted framework.

Nina Steinborn

I am Nina, and am studying at the Humboldt Unniversität zu Berlin in order to become a teacher in special education, even though I think special schools like this are wrong, since as I see it these schools have the function of separating children - i.e. real people! - who are said to be different and to keep them away from other people. In spite of all this, I have chosen to study this subject because I hope to gain a clearer idea of just how heterogeneous kids can be and how you can provide a proper education for them with all their different needs. I hope - for myself, and for us all - that more and more people will soon learn - and want to learn - that we all have the right to be different! And that there is no possible way to distinguish people who are "like each other" from people who are "different". I hope that this Home-page will prompt many many people to take a stand and show that we all belong together - whatever barriers are erected, both between nations and in people's minds and hearts.

Eltern für Integration e.V.

Eltern für Integration e.V. Berlin is a parents' association in Berlin which campaigns for the non-exclusion of children and adults with disabilities in all areas of life - day-care centres, school, the workplace, leisure time, old age. The association, founded in 1984, is part of the BAG Gemeinsam leben - gemeinsam lernen / National German Association Living Together and Learning Together; its members are parents of children / family members with and without disabilities. Besides supporting one another, the association participates in the political discussion about the human and civil rights of people with disabilities.
Contact: http://www.efiberlin.de, buero@efiberlin.de

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The project is supported by the Fürst Donnersmarck-Stiftung.