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Further questions

What is the occasion for this contest?

The point of departure is the German working translation of the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In this paper, the central term "Inclusion" was translated as "Integration". From our perspective, this translation is incorrect. Through this contest we firstly would like to indicate what Inclusion means worldwide. And secondly we intend to clarify the social relevance of this concept.

What happens with all the definitions?

All collected definitions are going to be published on this web site after the end of the contest. All registered users can vote for definitions.

For a period of one year there will be a "Definition of the month" each month, which will awarded a prize by the Jury. Afterwards the definitions are going to be edited and analyzed by us.
Selected definitions are going to be translated into all languages used in the competition. (incl. IS).

Which definitions have already been entered?

To avoid the possibility of copy and paste definitions from other users, you can not see the definitions inserted by other users until the end of the contest.

What about definitions in other than the contest languages?

You know a definition in Dutch or Japanese? You can insert it, but please also translate it into one of the seven contest languages (German, French, English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish).

How can I support the contest?

There are several different ways to support the contest: tell friends/colleagues about it, send invitations via mail, donate prizes (e.g.. books you still have author's copies of), donate money for translations and the server operation, hang up posters and forward post cards.

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The project is supported by the Fürst Donnersmarck-Stiftung.