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Help in general orientation

The whole internet presence of "definitelyinclusive" is structured in the same way.

  • The head of the page   contains a list of all available languages.
  • Then the Navigation tool follows.
  • Finally you can explore the actual contents of the page

    Navigate on the page

    In the header of the page you will find "Jump buttons", which permit direct access to the content by the help of assistive tools like scrollers and language browsers.

    The column "Sitemap" (in the Navigation section) provides a general overview of the content of the website.


    With the help of the page Search contents of the website can be found much easier.

    Using the Search function:

    • Enter the Search item into the input field.
    • Click "Search"

    Now a list with all files appears which contain the search item.


    All links appear in the same window. They are highlighted in blue and bold. The link Shop leads to an external page of the enterprise Spreadshirt. On this page you can order t-shirts,mugs and other articles with the logo of definitely-inclusive.org.


    The content of the pages can be printed easily by the print function of your browser.

    Sign Language

    The contents of the pages are available in Sign Language by the means of Flash Videos in International SIgn Language. To see them you need theAdobe Flash Player.

    Simple Language

    The contents of the pages are also available in Simple Language.


    We endeavour to make all pages:

    • under the provisions of BITV (priorities 1 and 2) and the WCAG 1 (level AAA) accessible
    • and to validate them according to XHTML 1.0

    If you discover any errors we would be grateful if you could inform us. Meldung

    Technical Support

    If technical problems appear during your visit to our website, you can contact our technical support via the contact form.

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